Did you enjoy watching our last metaverse content on 'Why is the world paying attention to Korean metaverse startups?’

In the last newsletter, we briefly introduced some noteworthy Korean metaverse startups.

This time, we are going to release the interview videos of startups that are very active in various industries.

Are you curious about those participating companies? Here are the topics and companies that participated in the interview. Fee free to let us know what you think and give us a lot of support! The full interview videos of the companies below will be released on the YouTube channel, Korea Metaverse TV in December. Looking forward to them!

Participating startups in interviews

AI Avatars

What happens when artificial intelligence is combined with metaverse avatars?

Industrial Safety

How does the metaverse save the lives of employees? 

Agtech & Food

How do we create agricultural innovation with the metaverse?


How do we assemble blocks in the real world to create a virtual world?


How will metaverse technology spread K-pops?


Why do ‘solo drinkers’ turn on their webcams and drink alcohol?


How can the metaverse save my life?

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