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29/ 07/ 2021, UlsanAPaMM Newsletter #2

DATE: 1.(Fri) - 3.(Sun) Oct, 2021
VENUE: Ulsan Culture & Arts Center
What is UlsanAPaMM Forum?
 UlsanAPaMM Forum is a permanent body to support and cooperate  with public sector while presenting the vision of the global music industry. The forum is organized and operated by involved members.  The committee is a decision-making entity of the UlsanAPaMM Forum, and is composed of representatives of public organizations from global music industries. Developing and proposing long-range agenda is the one of its major performances.
 Membership organizations are from various levels, including artists, professional management, programmers, festival and music market directors. Opportunities to participate and engage in the whole process are it’s privileged assignment.  UlsanAPaMM Forum has become a hub of international music networks for business exchanges. It is a global governance achieving international cooperation through communication and opens for the future of the regional music industry. UlsanAPaMM always continues to endeavor creating a unified Asia-Pacific through music.

Showcase Artists 03 Music Group SE:UM
Music Group SE:UM, the quintet of three jazz musicians and two Korean traditional musicians, have been working on creatively fusing the melodies and rhythms of Korean traditional music with the elements of jazz and world music. SE:UM started to draw public attention when they received a five-star review at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2015. Since then, they have toured in Asia, Europe, and America as well as Africa and Middle East, and been highly recognized for their unique musicianship. SE:UM also has been expanding their musical horizons through collaborating with various musicians from classical orchestras to jazz musicians from Japan and the USA to the traditional music ensemble of Dubai, both on stages and at studios. 
Music Group SE:UM "The breath of Korea embraces the music of the world."
Q1. How does Music Group SE:UM preserve the past?

A1. "Music Gorup SE:UM accepts the long-established local music as a [masterpiece]."
 Local music, which has been enjoyed for a long time, is, in other words, a 'masterpiece'. Numerous songs are made and played in a year. However, there is a few songs that have been played and enjoyed by listeners without losing their vitality. Even, if it is a instrumental song, it is easy to see the premiere of performance simultaneously means the last show. In light of this cold reality, the existence of 'Local Music' that has been enjoyed for a long time itself is a blessing. As a musician living in modern times, respect for these 'survived masterpieces' grows from the depths of one's heart when listen to music as a listener or whenever perform it as a performer. Therefore, we want to treat Local Music with respect and hope that it will be respected through our music.
Q2. How does Music Group SE:UM live in the present?

A2. "Music Group SE:UM communicates with people through [music]."
Our music contains a reflection on From Korea's breath. <Korean Breath>, <Korean Breath: AURA>, which are our representative works, to <Korean Breath:  ten thousands waves>, which is our newly released work, we have continued musical flow through two themes 'Korea' and 'Breath'. So these two themes are the essence of our music. In other words, breathing is music for us. In a concert hall, musicians and audiences gradually breathe in the same way through the medium 'Music'. The more immersive performances are,  the more comforting, joyful, and miraculous to everyone through the clearer sense of breathing that feels. So, Music Group SE:UM is breathing with others through music.
Q3. How does the Music Group SE:UM look to the future?

A3. "Music Group SE:UM wants to look like a [musician who can be respected] in the future."
Thanks to the earlier question about the past and present, we were able to have a good experience of organizing our music again. With respect for music through 'masterpieces of the past', and that's why we are trying to face people in the present in a serious way is our real attitude. Imagine the future and hopefully grow into a better musician without losing the way we treat music with all our heart, so that our music can survive in the distant future and will be a comfort, delight, miracle. So, we will be able to be respected for a long time as a musician who lived in an era.

Showcase Artists 04 Dasom Baek
Dasom Baek is a composer, Improviser, Lecturer and performer of traditional Korean instruments, including Daegeum, Sogeum and Saenghwang.
 Dasom pursues ground-breaking and modern music rooted in traditional Korean instrumental performance. She is a Certified Master of Important Intangible Cultural Asset, no.45. In 2020 she released her debut album, titled <(): Nothingness>. In 2021 she was selected as a showcase artist at SXSW Festival and also had a solo concert at the National Gugak Center in Seoul.
Dasom Baek "A creator and performer who pursues modern and experimental music utilising Korean traditional instruments."
Q1. How does Dasom Baek preserve the past?

A1. "Dasom Baek accepts the long-established local music as a [identity]." 
As a Korean born and raised in Korea, my identity is Korean. My musical identity as a traditional music performer who learned and learned traditional Korean music is traditional music. Just as the same song comes out completely different depending on the musical background of the musician, the music I create and play naturally contains Korean traditional grammar, and I am creating my own music based on this identity.
Q2. How does Dasom Baek live in the present?

A2. "Dasom Baek communicates with people throug[experience]."
I'm making music with my own stories which I've experienced and felt in my life. Things that usually pass by in daily lives give me a new meaning for music. I expressed my feelings and stories that were difficult to express in words through music and looked at myself once again which I thought was so natural. Everyone is born with a desire for expression, and everyone thinks and wants to share their thoughts, and I think I am invisibly communicating my thoughts to the audience through music ​based on my experience and feelings

Q2. How does the Dasom Baek look to the future?

A2. "Dasom baek wants to look like [a person who has various diaries] in the future."
As I mentioned earlier, I'm creating of what I experienced and thought at the time when I made music. When I work in this way, whenever I listen to the music I worked on before, and then I can imagine myself at that time. I think this kind of working method like making my own music diary. I want to steadily make my own diaries in the future with my music based on my own stories, and then they will be more diverse and deeper with my thought. I sometimes imagine myself with lots of diaries which is fulled of many stories.

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