Volume 12(Apr 2022)

The warm spring breeze brings the prospection of the Endemic Covid-19 over the world. As many nations ease the Covid-19 restrictions, sports events will take place as they did before the pandemic, and people can sit elbow-to-elbow again at events with fixed seating! 


With this great news, this issue continues introducing the sporting venues for sports starting with "B," such as badminton and basketball, in Chungcheong megacity. It also covers an interview with Korean high jumper Woo Sang-hyeok and some updates on the national league sporting event in the region. We hope these news series from the CMBC bring you a basket full of encouragement and inspiration.

Publicized by 2027CMBC

Chungcheong's Venue
Hoam Sports Center a dedicated badminton facility, and three easily accessible basketball courts

Badminton is one of Korea's most popular sports. Thanks to the fact that badminton is for all ages and abilities, and not to mention Korean's love for the sport, badminton clubs can be seen in every neighborhood and enjoy the largest club members among sports. World-class badminton players Lee Yong-dae, Ko Sung-hyun, Yoo Yeon-seong, Kim So-hee, and Kim Hyo-min have won gold medals in 2007 Bangkok, 2013 Kazan, and 2015 Gwangju Universiade.


We are pleased to update you that the Hoam Sports Center will be used for the 2027 WUGs Badminton games. Designed and built as the top quality badminton courts, the 1 Hoam Sports Center was constructed in 2006 when it was decided to host the national sports competition in the region. The 2 Hoam Sports Center was built later in 2012, and it is currently used as a badminton training facility.


The Hoam Sports Center is a well-suited facility. It is ideally located near an ecological park, reservoir, sports facilities, youth training camp site, art center, and Taekkyeon training center, providing athletes and citizens with a cultural and rest area.

Basketball season is back. University Basketball League (KUSF U-League) and 2022Playoffs start in spring. KB stars is one of the WKBL(Woman Korea Basketball League) teams whose home city is Cheongju, Chungbuk province, a city with perhaps Korea's most enthusiastic fan base and unbelievable atmosphere!


Three venues - Cheongju University Seokwoo Cultural and Sports Complex, Cheongju Gymnasium, and Chungbuk National University Gymnasium - will be used as the main basketball competition games for the 2027 WUGs. They are closely located to each other, from as close as only a few hundred meters to 15 minutes driving distance at the most. They will provide convenience and high accessibility to both the athletes and spectators.

In particular, Cheongju University Seokwoo Cultural and Sports Complex is a fully equipped, international standard sports facility for most ball sports. The complex is also beautifully designed with four wide screens mounted on the ceiling, showering the crowd with hundreds of millions of pixels of swirling color. The U-shaped spectator seats provide excellent immersive viewing of the games.


Cheongju Gymnasium is a home centre for the KB stars pro league team. The Chungbuk National University Gymnasium is the most recently constructed facility among the three, constructed in November 2021, and an additional basketball court will be completed in December 2023. 

Chungcheong People

The allure of the high jump is that it is a game between me and a bar

On March 20th, during the 2022 World Indoor Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, South Korean high jumper Woo Sang-hyeok became the first Korean athlete to win a world title in a track and field event.


Woo Sang-hyeok, a player whose right foot is smaller than his left foot from a car accident when he was young, did not let his handicap stop him from going for a world title. Woo has risen above the physical disadvantages and has shown the world the power of positivity.

He expressed his passion for the sport, saying, "Most track and field events are won by defeating other athletes.

However, in the high jump, it is a game between me and a bar. I have to clear the greatest heights without knocking the bar, and I always enjoy my sport". He also added, "I participated in two previous Universiades, in 2015 Gwangju and 2017 Taipei. We have quite an excellent track and field facilities in Chungcheong megacity, such as the Yi Sun-sin Stadium. I wish many university student-athletes worldwide have the chance to experience and compete in the top-quality facilities in Korea".


The 'smile high jumper' also showed his support for the Chungcheong megacity in the 2027 WUGs bid, saying, "I cannot wait to cheer for the fellow athletes and watch them compete in my home ground."

Bidding Progress

Hannam University and Kongju National University capture the crown of university table tennis

At the National Men's and Women's Table Tennis Championships held between March 31st and April 6th this year, the Chungcheong megacity’s university student-athletes won medals in the men's and women's singles, doubles, and team events.


Hannam University's table tennis player, Kim Hong-bin, won the men's singles, continuing the last year’s glory, and the men’s doubles with Kim Eun-soo, bringing home two wins. Lee Eun-ju took second place in the women's singles.


Kongju National University's table tennis team won the women’s singles and the team events. Kim Jin-hye, Oh Min-ji, and Baek Su-jin won over the Cheongju University. Kim Jin-hye took out first place in the individual singles event.

Hannam University and Kongju National University’s table tennis players offer an optimistic future for Korean table tennis. We cannot wait to see them play in the international league!

Inside Chungcheong

Reviving the sports activities in Chungcheong megacity

With Spring fever, Chungcheong megacity hosted a series of national sporting events. Some events made a glorious return following the event's cancellation due to Covid-19. 

The National Men's and Women's Fencing Championships were held in the city of Jecheon, and the National Wushu Championships in Boeun County. Both had successful events. Wushu is one of the optional sports for 2021 Chengdu WUGs.


The National Yacht Competition is the national selection contest for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games held at Chunjangdae Beach in Seocheon county.

The 40th Korean University Table Tennis Federation competition will kick-off between the 14th and 17th of April at the Jecheon Gymnasium and hold the national selection contest for the 2021 Chengdu WUGs. 

The National Taekwondo Competition will be held at Jincheon county from the 16th until the 23rd of April. It will be the first time in 18 years that this competition will be held in Jincheon. There is no doubt that this event will be Taekwondo national festival. 

After postponing the event for the past two years due to Covid-19, the Cheongpunggi National Judo Competition will be finally held at Cheongju University Seokwoo Cultural and Sports Complex between the 3rd and 7th of May. 
It is the largest Judo competition in Korea, with about 3,000 athletes participating, and is held as the national selection competition for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games.

Inside CMBC

The Office of Education supports Chungcheong's endeavor to win the 2027 WUGs bid

The one million signatures campaign for the 2027 WUGs run by the CMBC has received overwhelming attention from the citizens and government authorities. More than 160,000 people have already given their signatures both online and offline. 

The Office of Educations in four cities and provinces (Daejeon, Sejong, Chungbuk, and Chungnam) have agreed to cooperate and support the Chungcheong megacity in the 2027 WUG bid. Superintendent Kim Ji-cheol of the Chungnam Office of Education said, "I hope that the 2027 Summer World University Games jointly hosted by Chungcheong megacity will elevate our region's city brand globally," at the signatures campaign.

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