The Rescuer's Turn and Holocaust Memory

Garden of the Righteous: Idea and institution (Anna Ziarkowska)

A beech tree for the Righteous: On the interplay between local and transnational memory politics (Zofia Wóycicka)

 강연자 Anna Ziarkowska
 Garden of the Righteous Foundation

  대표 연구

  • Mazowiecki (2020)

강연자 Zofia Wóycicka

University of Warsaw

  대표 연구

  • Arrested Mourning: Memory of the Nazi Camps in Poland, 19441950 (2013)

2023년 11월 23일 (목)
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
서강대학교 김대건(K)관 518호+
CGSI 온라인 회의실(Zoom)

The purpose of Anna Ziarkowska's presentation is to showcase the institutional dimension of the Garden of the Righteous as the only place in Poland commemorating individuals representing a broad spectrum of historical experiences, including the Armenian genocide, Holodomor, Holocaust, Nazism and Communist totalitarianism, the Rwandan genocide, Srebrenica massacre. The category of the Righteous extends to all those who, in extremely adverse times, advocated for justice and stood on the side of the victims. Located in a symbolic place within the former Warsaw Ghetto, the Garden serves as a memorial space, an educational tool, and a recreational area for the local community within a city park. To concretize the idea and understanding of the category of the Righteous, profiles of individuals previously honored with this title will be presented.

In the last two decades, the topic of help delivered to Jews during World War II has experienced an extraordinary boom throughout Europe and beyond. This interest has been enhanced by the politics of remembrance led by various state and civil society agents on both national and transnational level. Zofia Wóycicka will discuss the interplay between these different individuals and bodies and its impact on local narratives on World War II and the Holocaust, in particular in Central Eastern Europe. Zofia's lecture will focus specifically on the example of Gariwo – Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide and its role in shaping local memories.

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