Volume 17(SEP 2022)

Today, 20 September, we are happy to celebrate the International Day of University Sport (IDUS). It is officially proclaimed by the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO). This volume introduces the various activities as part of the IDUS and interviews with the FISU student committee member Kyung-eun Lee and FISU student ambassador Min-joo Kim who represented the Korean university student communities during the FISU Evaluation Committee Visit.

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The hope of the 6 million people
Let the university sport shine light on Chungcheong

Chungcheong Megacity 2027 World University Games Bid Committee (2027CMBC) successfully completed the FISU evaluation committee visit. The FISU Evaluation Committee visit drew many Koreans and Chungcheong people's interest in the FISU World University Games, during which the Korean people showed solid support for the 2027 Chungcheong bid. The FISU student committee member Kyung-eun Lee and FISU student ambassador Min-joo Kim played an essential role in building a bridge between Korean university students and the FISU evaluation committee. They also presented a meaningful gift to the FISU acting president Leonz Eder.

Lee and Kim mentioned, "it was such an honor to be part of this important journey for Chungcheong 2027, and we are happy that we can add positive values to the bid effort on behalf of all Korean university students." They recalled that their best moment was when the FISU members were touched by the gift - the lacquer box and the scroll inscribed with one million signatures of Chungcheong citizens who offered their names in support of the bid. 

Lee and Kim have been active in their respective communities, adding effort to the university sport movements in Korea and building rapport with the Korean student communities and the FISU family members. The positive impacts they are making as the FISU student committee member and the student ambassador have been highly regarded by the sports families and university students.

Lee first joined FISU as a student ambassador in 2019, and she is now a FISU student committee member. With her coming from Chungcheong, the 2027 Chungcheong bid has taken a special place in her heart. "The World University Games is one of the most important and meaningful sporting events for university student-athletes. I will do my best with everything that I have, my experiences and knowledge, for Chungcheong 2027 bid," said Lee.


Kim, FISU student ambassador, was an amateur fencer and is passionate about volunteering. ''The FISU World University Games is not just one sporting event but promotes many sporting disciplines. Chungcheong 2027 will be a platform for the world's student-athletes to share their dreams and visions. Being a fencer myself, I wish young talented fencing student-athletes have a great opportunity to compete in the FISU World University Games 2027 in Chungcheong and make their dreams come true.''

  IDUS 2022  
University sport connects the world Let's IDUS

20 September is the date to celebrate the International Day of University Sport. Every year, multiple university sports stakeholders and member organizations get more involved in IDUS activities to promote FISU values and its sports events and create a debate on university sports. The universities from Chungcheong region are pleased to be part of IDUS activities.


We want to introduce one of the IDUS activities, the Relay Video Challenge from Hannam University, Cheongju University, Pai Chai University, Sangmyung University, FarEast University, Sejong Campus of Korea University, and Soonchunhyang University.

Also, other IDUS promotion events such as "Let's _ _ _ _" fill-in-the-blank quiz and AR filter video event were very successful. There are more than 1,500 people who applied the "Let's _ _ _ _" fill-in-the-blank quiz phrase through our Facebook/Instagram as well as the AR filter event.


IDUS is a platform to exchange ideas, best practices, challenges, and opportunities within and through university sports worldwide. We are already looking forward to having another great challenge for the next year IDUS!

  FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy   
Supporting Youth through FVLA

The FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy 2022 (FVLA) was held online on September 2 and 3, streamed from the offices of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) in Lausanne, Switzerland.


From Korea, Min-joo Kim (Ewha Woman's University) and Hyun-woo Kim (Myongji University) were invited and participated. For Min-joo Kim, FISU Student Ambassador, this is her second year participating in FLVA, following her participation in 2021. Hyun-woo Kim was the best volunteer in FISU Volunteer Programme and got an opportunity to participate in FLVA 2022.


FVLA attracted participants from 70 countries, providing emerging leaders the opportunity to hear lectures and seminars from university sports experts to bring this new knowledge back to their continental and national university sports federations. This year, at the Academy, Hyun-woo Kim shared his knowledge and experiences in participating as an International Volunteer in the 2022 FISU World University Championship Golf, held in July 2022 in Torino, Italy, where he was selected as the 'best volunteer'.


''The experience at FVLA and volunteering in the World Championship have taught me the importance of volunteering and logistics of mega sports event organization,'' said Kim. He also emphasized that FISU events and programmes are great opportunities for personal and professional development to grow as young leaders in sports.

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