2021 UlsanAPaMM

16/ 09/ 2021, UlsanAPaMM Newsletter #9

DATE: 1.(Fri) - 3.(Sun) Oct, 2021
VENUE: Ulsan Culture & Arts Center
How will UlsanAPaMM be held?

The picture above is UlsanAPaMM's Timetable!
UlsanAPaMM consists of literally various events, such as Artist's Performance, Conference, Business Meeting, Board Meeting, Exhibition and etc.. So, I want you to refer to our Time table!!!

 Because, even if you can't come to the scene in person, we're going to broadcast UlsanAPaMM in real-time through Youtube this year! It means that you can comfortably and happily watch UlsanAPaMM without any disturbance 0.0! So, this picture will be more valuable!

I Really Hope I can meet you even on online, and also I would be happy if it was done.

Locality Artists(overseas) 01. Wing Defence
Formed in 2018 by Skye Walter and Paige Court, the indie act has been quick to generate hype around their punchy bubblegum-punk melodies and distinctive Australian sound. Since their debut release, 'Stuck' in 2018, Wing Defence rapidly positioned itself as one of South Australia’s most exciting new exports. Within twelve months they received national praise after performances at BIGSOUND, Groovin' The Moo and Laneway Festival (Triple J Unearthed Winner, 2018) and toured the country with Polish Club and The VANNS. With big plans for 2021 and beyond, Wing Defence have recently signed a distribution deal with Korean music distribution company Sound Republica and are on the Dock 7 Record label in Germany. The band’s debut EP ‘Friends’ scored them Best Release, Best Band and most popular punk artist at the 2020 South Australian Music Awards.
Wing Defence
"Hailing from Australia, Bubble gum pop punk outfit Wing Defence bring high energy live performances with tell it how it is lyrics and strong melodic hooks."

Q1.  How does Wing Defence preserve the past?

A1. Our music is strongly influenced by 90’s and early 2000’s bands and artist that inspired us growing up. Our sound is an ode to the past pop punk artist such as blink 182, simple plan and the grates to name a few.
Q2. How does Wing Defence’s live in the present?

A2. We communicate with people through our music (recorded and performed live) in many different ways and across social media platforms such as youtube, facebook and Instagram. I think now more than ever having a presence online is crucial to grow our fan base.
Q3. How does Wing Defence see the future?

A3. We want to continue to grow our fan base as we continue to write and record our sophomore EP set to be released in 2022. We hope to tour overseas as well as nationally in the near future and reach a larger audience.

Locality Artists(overseas) 02. Sanjeeta Bhattacharya
Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, 26, is an actor and singer songwriter based in Delhi, India. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, she has been a part of music festivals across India and abroad. Her music weaves influences from RnB and folk styles with multi lingual lyrics to create stories around myriad personal experiences. Prabhtoj Singh is also a singer songwriter and producer. The duo have worked on many tracks together including “Everything’s Fine?” which put Sanjeeta on Spotify’s global emerging artist program, RADAR in July 2020.
    Sanjeeta Bhattacharya "Live and Loud!"

    Q1How does Sanjeeta Bhattacharya preserve the past?

    A1. I try to weave all my influences into my music when I write. You’ll hear elements of Indian and Balkan folk music that have been passed down from generations as well as jazz and rhythm and blues. Music to me has always been about experimenting and having fun I like to juggle genres and languages. These are all part of traditions from the past.

    Q2. How does Sanjeeta Bhattacharya live in the present?

    A2. We harmonize with people through the lyrics of our songs. 
    To make it relatable and relevant is very important to us. Artists have the responsibility of affirming reality and that’s what I aim to do with my music.
    Q3. How does Sanjeeta Bhattacharya see the future?

    A3. In the future, we want to continue to make music that gives me and people around me joy. I also want to explore other forms of art in depth like acting and dance.

    Locality Artists(overseas) 03. Katie James & Camilo Giraldo
    Katie James is an anglo/Irish singer and songwriter and guitar player who was raised in Colombia. She grew up in a small alternative community in the Andean Mountains, listening to a variety of Irish, blues and folk music but also the traditional rhythms and melodies of her neighbours. And it has strongly influenced her compositions where she naturally combines all these elements into fresh sounding and deeply felt songs. In May 2021, she was nominated for the Premios Nuestra Tierra award 'Best folk song of the year'.
    Camillo Hiraldo is a musician who stands out for his versatility in the field of composition, production and interpretation of Guitar. As well, he has been performed as a guitar soloist in the International concerts such as the Burns Theater (Florida. USA), the National Center of the Arts and the Zócalo (Mexico City) and the Amadeo Roldán Theater (Havana, Cuba).
      Katie James & Camilo Giraldo
      "Katie James and Camilo Giraldo present music based on their own stories, including traditional celtic sounds, rhythms from the mountains of Colombia, and the blues they learned to love through her family."
      Q1How does Katie James & Camilo Giraldo preserve the past?

      A1. Most of our songs have elements of Latin-American and especially Colombian Folk music, like Bambuco, Pasillo, or Currulao, rhythms from the Andean Zone and the West Coast of Colombia. Having an international audience has allowed us to share this local music with people from other latitudes, but most importantly, we have inspired many children of Colombia to sing traditional Colombian songs again! Songs that were considered by some as ‘music from the past’.

      Q2. How does Katie James & Camilo Giraldo live in the present?

      A2. We love interdisciplinary creation. Learning from colleagues, especially those of other artistic areas. As a duet, our music influences range from Irish and Colombian Folk music to Rock and Jazz. This versatility combined, is what gives us a constant creative interaction between each other and with our contemporaries.
      Q3. How does Katie James & Camilo Giraldo see the future? 

      A3. We would like to be remembered as musicians who transmit emotions through songs. We truly believe music is something to be felt and shared, an art form that unites, that inspires, that raises questions, that invites to dance and to sing. Melodies that make you cry, harmonies that make you fall in love, rhythms that make you want to move

      Katie James
      Camilo Giraldo
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