Volume 14(JUN 2022)

June is here, and we are already halfway through 2022.  In Korea, the 21st of June is also called 하지 ((pronounced Haji), the summer solstice. We are now just a few days away from the beginning of summer with all the exciting summer sports to enjoy in the sun!

In this issue, we introduce the venues for the 2027 Summer World University Games (2027 WUGs) for gymnastics and tennis. Also, the one million signatures campaign for the 2027 WUGs run by the Chungcheong Megacity 2027 Bid Committee (CMBC) has already received more than half a million signatures on and offline. 

Publicized by 2027CMBC

Chungcheong's Venue
Brand new Gymnastic facility - Osong Sports Complex
Perfect for Tennis - Cheonan Stadium Tennis Court
Osong Sports Complex (Gymnastics)

Gymnastics is a sport created by the ancient Greeks. It is a physical exercise requiring a fundamental movement such as balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, dedication, and endurance, the sports skills that are at the core of every sport.

The 2027 WUGs competition program has fifteen compulsory sports, including artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.

The  Osong Sports Complex will be newly built for completion in early 2027 in Cheongju city for the two gymnastics sports. The gymnasium will be newly built for completion in early 2027 in Cheongju city for the two gymnastics sports. The state-of-the-art multi-purpose indoor arena will be carefully designed under the FISU venue regulation on a site of 60,000 square meters in Osong, Cheongju city, and has a capacity of 10,000 seats. The facility will have the main stadium that can hold a maximum of 7,000 spectators, a training stadium, a swimming pool, and a sports science center. Following the 2027 Games, the facility will be returned to the residents of Cheongju and Sejong for cultural and community engagement.

Cheonan Stadium Tennis Court (Tennis)

Tennis is one of the sports that is rapidly expanding as a daily sport in Korea.  In particular, Cheonan, South Chungcheong province, is a diverse urban tennis town. Over 31 tennis clubs, 1,800 registered players, public courts, and tennis facilities scattered across neighborhoods make the vibrant tennis scene flourishing.

Cheonan Stadium Tennis Court is at the heart of the thriving tennis boom in the city. Located in a beautiful urban park, the Stadium’s tennis court gives easy access for the locals of all ages and levels to pick up a racquet and play or enjoy nature and rest. Whether rain or shine, 4 indoor and 12 outdoor hard courts allow tennis to be enjoyed in any weather and make it a popular place for national tennis events.

The existing Tennis Court will undergo renovation work on the spectator areas and venue operation center for completion by 2026, following the FISU venue guidelines. Cheonan Stadium will also cater for both soccer and volleyball events for the 2027 WUGs.

Chungcheong People

Chungcheong’s medal rush in

Archery, badminton, shooting, judo, and fencing

Athletes and university student-athletes from the Chungcheong region were highlighted in several sports events in May and June. 

South Korea's archery team triumphed in the men’s, and women's teams’ recurve events held from the 17th to the 22nd of May at the 2022 Hyundai Archery World Cup (16th edition of the international archery circuit organized by World Archery) in Gwangju, Korea. Especially Lee Ga-hyun (Daejeon Sports Council) and Kim Woo-jin (Cheongju city) from the Chungcheong region made outstanding achievements. Lee Ga-hyun won a gold medal in the women's recurve team event and a silver medal in the individual event. Reigning World Archery Champion Kim Woo-jin was crowned both the individual and team recurve champion. Our special thanks go to Kim Woo-jin for his full support of the 2027 WUGs bid, serving as the co-chairman of the 2027 WUGs Chungcheong Citizens Promotion Committee.

Baekseok University's badminton team won two gold medals in the men's singles and mixed doubles categories at the 2022 National Federation Badminton Championships from 19th to 26th May. 

Cheongju University’s judo and fencing teams also delivered the gold and silver at the national sports event. The judo team won the gold medal at the team event at the 13th Cheongpung National Judo Competition. The competition resumed after three years hiatus due to COVID-19. The fencing team marked the second rank in the épée and fleuret team events at the 40th National Fencing Competition. 

Chungbuk Health Sciences University's shooting team proved to be the best in the country. The shooting team won three gold medals, four silver medals, and one bronze medal in individual and team events at the 38th National Shooting Competition.

Congratulations on the marvelous achievements, and stay tuned for rising Chungcheong athletes stars!

Bidding Progress

HOW FANTASTIC! Already 58% reached our goal!

At the heart of Chungcheong’s 2027 WUGs bid are our citizens and our communities. As of 16th June, 584,587 persons have given their names in support of the 2027 WUGs bid.

For the past seven months from last November, the one million signatures campaign for the 2027 WUGs bid run by the CMBC has received overwhelming attention from cities and communities. Approximately 600,000 people have already given their signatures online (175,674 persons) and offline (408,913 persons) - 58 percent of the goal. CMBC expects it will achieve one million signatures without any problem by this October. 


“We are delighted to learn that support for the WUGs not only from Chungcheong region (Daejeon, Sejong, Chungbuk, and Chungnam) but also from the whole nation,” said the Secretary-General of CMBC, Kim Yoon-suk. Also, he has encouraged participants to show Chungcheong’s passion and willingness to the world on our journey to 2027 WUG. 

Bidding Progress

Chungbuk first cuts for the administrative support council 

Chungbuk province first cuts among four provinces and cities to organize an Administrative Support Council for 2027 WUGs and had their first meeting on 25th May.

The Administrative Support Council is composed of the general directors of the provincial office and deputy mayors of the Cheongju-city, Chungju-city, and the deputy governor of Jeungpyeong county, and explores administrative supporting projects by the department and drives the projects for the successful bid. 

The council will support CMBC with the best administrative assistance not only in the promotional events for the 2027 WUG bid, but also with FISU’s official visits in July and August.

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