2021 UlsanAPaMM

22/ 07/ 2021, UlsanAPaMM Newsletter #1

DATE: 1.(Fri) - 3.(Sun) Oct, 2021
VENUE: Ulsan Culture & Arts Center
Ulsan Asia Pacific Music Meeting(UlsanAPaMM), which was launched as the first International Music Market in Korea, has continued to serve as a forum & conference and has helped  Korean traditional music artists to have international recognition.  From 2021, UlsanAPaMM expanded criteria, so not only Korean traditional artists but also Korean local music artists can participate.
 Based on this, UlsanAPaMM will be more citizen-friendly music festival. For instance, UlsanAPaMM provides people opportunities to enjoy cultural life for free and wants to arouse artistic sympathy of citizens for Local Music.  In addition, UlsanAPaMM has been trying to revitalize music industry of Asia-Pacific region through Conference, Business Meeting, Committee.  Furthermore, Based on international cultural exchange experience over the past 10 years, UlsanAPaMM is presently establishing a sustainable Global Music Network centered on Ulsan by offering chances among musical experts in domestic and abroad and citizens and artists to interact through online and offline.

Showcase Artists 01 Dal:um
Dal:um is a Korean music ensemble formed with two members performing Korea’s most well-known string instruments, Gayaguem (Su Yean Ha) and Geomungo (Hye Young Hwang)   dal:um did their debut in 2018. Since then, they challenged the possibility of traditional sounds of these instruments. They experimented by freely reforming and modernizing their instruments’ sounds in their own ways.
Dal:um "The breathtaking tension of two similar but different instruments and explosive energy."
Q1. How does dal:um preserves the past? 

A1. "dal:um accepts the long-established local music as a [beginning of dal:um]."
It's true that dal:um's music started from the local music. dal:um has been thoroughly thinking of harmonization and balance between Gayageum(which is Korean zither with twelve strings) and Geomungo. Also they are trying to suggest the new way to make ensemble of traditional string instrument such as composing a song by the motivation from Eastern philosophy. By listening dal:um's new musical language, we can accept the new style, and simultaneously recall our identity. Most of all, dal:um's music concentrates on two performers' feelings and thoughts. The main resource to make two players' musical story is local music. With the combination of local music and dal:um's various stories, dal:um wants to be an artist to communicate with people through their music. 
Q2. How does dal:um live in the present?

A2. "dal:um communicates with people through [strings]"
dal:um tries to imply the modern society and feeling in the music by two representative instruments, Geomungo and Gayageum. Because the music started from personal feeling and thought can eventually form a consensus with modern people. dal:um wants people to notice what they are trying to say by concentrating on these two instrument's strings. It's good for strings to express the emptiness and filling because they have short persistent sound and staccato. Just like we breathe without a notice, Gayageum and Geomungo naturally can give us messages of emptiness and filling without any incompatability.
Q3. How does dal:um look to the future? 

A3.  "We want to look like [our present] in the future."
The meaning of dal:um is keeping moving forward. Instead of complacency in the current situation, dal:um wants to continue to research and develop repertoires for better music. Whenever dal:um makes or plays a song, it's hard to get a satisfactory result even if we get a bit laziness. dal:um has been try our best to express our feeling and play instrument on the stage. In the future, we hope we can persist this attitude and keep moving forward to make better songs.

Showcase Artists 02 Liquid sound
Liquid Sound is a group of interacts with various genres of arts based on Korean traditional arts. In addition to working with installation arts and sound arts, they are actively active in Korea and Europe through collaboration with modern dance and baroque music.
 In 2015-2016, the group was officially invited to the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and France and in 2020 they were selected as an excellent performance team of civil arts by Arts Council Korea.
"Liquid sound is based on Korea traditional arts and collaborates with various genres of arts."
Q1. How does Liquid sound preserve the past? 

A1.  "Liquid sound accepts the long-established local music as a [native language]."
Liquid sound is a group that collaborates with various genres of art such as computer music, stage setting art, and modern dance based on traditional art. On the basis of the long-established local music, we use it as a native language to work and communicate with other arts. Rather than working to reveal the excellence and beauty of local music, we use it as a best language to express emotions by freely decomposing and reinterpreting it.
Q2. How does Liquid sound live in the present?

A2. "Liquid sound communicates with people through [various senses]."
Not the musical melody and rhythm of local music, but sense of touch became the main ingredient for this performance. Audiences also want something new and to breathe together by experiencing the performance with another sense through the work of Liquid sound. In addition to the ensemble of traditional and computer music, we try to express tactile senses of each artist, with the help of the installation artist. Moreover, by relying on various senses, we want to reach the modern audience through our performance.
Q3. How does Liquid sound look to the future? 

A3. "We want to look like [someone who has bumpy aspect] in the future."
We want to grow as a group that motivate artists not only music but also other genres, such as modern art. In a virtuous circle, Liquid sound also wants to get a motivation from them. In the future, we are planning not only performances in third world music genres, but also in various spaces such as modern art museums and factories. We look forward to collaborating with many genres of art with bumpy ideas through performances of composite arts.

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