Dot's tactile display at CSUN 2023

"Let’s do it, let’s get excited about it. Go feel."

This year at CSUN, we were happy to receive feedback from our visitors. They told us how they appreciated the development of the tactile displays and were surprised by how it seamlessly works with other smart devices. We were thrilled to meet someone who had visited us last year at the conference. She shared with us that she eagerly awaited this year's exhibition to bring her friends along and show them how fantastic it was!

Our exhibit was divided into four sections, which included Dot Canvas App, Dot Canvas Web, and NVDA, and Apple VoiceOver each with a different scenario. Visitors could experience Dot Cloud, graph processing, and AI image processing and explore a deeper understanding of the technology behind our products. We're excited to continue our mission of making the world more accessible and inclusive. Stay tuned for more updates from Dot!

"I’ve never seen multiline braille in action before."

"I have never seen something that automatically converts graphics to a refreshable format and it’s so cool. I’ve never seen that large of a display used that way. And it’s really neat to be able to like never seen the YouTube logo before and now I know what that looks like now."

"It’s definitely the first time and very interested in the product. I’ve been hearing a lot about it and this is one of reasons why I actually came to CSUN to check out this type of technology. It’s gonna be amazing."

"People describe it but there’s nothing like being able to feel it be myself. I think this device would be good for something like that too, like getting a better idea of what people are looking at visually."

"When I had my books, it was fairly fine but I have to be very creative and even in classes, people had to be really creative when thinking about dealing with information and giving it to me."

"One of the biggest changes from going from high school to college was being able to have all my materials in Braille, all the graphs accessible and then when I went to college and everything was audio."

"My room mate drew me to the bus stop then he would take the paper and actually draw on it with a pen so that it came out on the other side of the paper. And that’s a very low tech way of doing it."

"Really with a one line you kind of limited to what you can read at the same time, because you got a one line, but with this you’re going to be able to look at very complex equation and just get the flow of it much more than you would if you were just looking at one line.

"The graphs were really cool, definitely it’s the future."

"That was interesting, I looked at some Apple image and Apple logo, and you knew that the Apple logo was an apple with a piece bitten out of it, so it was interesting feeling. They are not able to work with a diagrams and visual materials and I think all of these technologies. It’s going to be a real game changer for work."

"I was out here in the hallway giving a tour to people that how to get around the conference. And I was trying to get them to understand how there hallways broke off from each other, and it I could draw on it so if they could have felt it, it would have be a lot better."

"When I was first start losing my vision, I used to draw a portraits, and I’ve kind of given it up recently cause it’s been too hard to use magnifier for it. But I think it might be a good way to do it because I can actually feel the actual pixels of it. It’s a good way to get back into it. Cause it’s a more simple straight forward version to get me used to ti again. So then drawing should be easier." 

"I also really like the way the actual dot’s feel. They are firm, you can’t press down on these dots, it just seems like a really kind of device that we really haven’t had access to before.

I think it’s really cool."

"As a web developer, I need to work with designers to understand how the page layout looks. Not in terms of color but in the terms of how big of an area or real state of the screen, product, link or an element that could be. So I think this would be very beneficial."

"I have an eight year old son, and he is also blind and I mentioned it at that point that I’ve never seen a giraffe before, and that same thing Is going to happen to my son as well and just having something where he can actually grow up with something that would help him understand what things look like visually that he will never see in person. People should be more excited about Braille, This is literacy."

"I think it offers somebody much more incentive to Learn Braille because it opens up so many more possibilities than it used to." 

"Let’s do it, let’s get excited about it. Go read."

Take a peek below and see how our booth and the whole vibe looked like.
Don't miss it next year. We truly hope to see you there again!

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