K-Metaverse companies participated in AWE EU 2022, the world's largest metaverse event, where 5,000 companies from around the world gathered in Lisbon, Portugal from October 20-21, 2022.

We would like to share some vivid scenes with the following video clips, so please check out the clips to enjoy the dynamics and passion of the K-Metaverse companies.

K-Metaverse in AWE EU 2022 - Expo Walkthrough

Day 2 Start-Ups & Investors Track

K-Metaverse Pitch Stage

Featuring Korean Start-Ups

Day 1 Creator Track


Democratizing Tools & Hardware for XR Creators

Day 1 Creator Track


Create Immersive K-culture experience with XR Solution

Day 1 XR Impact Track


Today and Tomorrow of the Korean Metaverse Ecosystem

AWE EU 2022 K-Metaverse Pavilion site photos

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