Volume 19(NOV 2022)

Publicized by 2027CMBC

Chungcheong, A Golden Triumph in
the 2027 FISU World University Games bid!

Hurray! We are more than excited to share the news that Chungcheong 2027 has been chosen by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) to host the 2027 FISU World University Games. In voting on 12 November in Brussels, the FISU executive committee picked Chungcheong over North Carolina. Screams of joy and great emotions filled the streets of Chungcheong as Leonz Eder, acting president of FISU, called the name ‘Chungcheong Megacity’ and awarded Summer 2027 World University Games.

The successful bid of Chungcheong 2027 has shown how great teamwork can make a great success as the candidate region Chungcheong is made up of four cities and provinces of Korea - Daejeon, Sejong, Chungbuk, and Chungnam. Now, Chungcheong has acquired a great opportunity to write the history of university sport and create sustainable legacies for the region.

Of course, from our previous experience organizing many international events, we understand that the amount of effort, expertise, and resources required to organize a successful Games is on another level compared to winning the bid. Chungcheong is determined to open a new era of university sport with a zero-based approach by redefining the priorities of the Games’ many functional areas and redeploying resources as a key strategy to build success upon success.

We would also like to express our regrets to the people of Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Greensboro in North Carolina, USA, and give the North Carolina Bid Committee a thumbs up for being the great partner for the bid race. Indeed, their warm passion and faith in university sport will be well respected and remembered.

Thank you, everyone, for your great support, and we look forward to meeting you all at Chungcheong 2027!

358 Galmae-ro, Sejong city, Republic of Korea