The second part of the metaverse special content, 'Why is the world paying attention to Korea's metaverse startup?' has been released on YouTube.  “Metaverse, isn’t it a story from the distant future?” “Wasn't it fashionable at one time?" Many questions like these arise as some people think that metaverse has not lived up to expectations. This is partly because we haven’t seen the big picture of metaverse.

However, if you change your perspective, and look at the trees rather than the forest, you can see why the metaverse is the future, and it is to come soon. We can see the potential of the metaverse by dividing it into the base technology corresponding to the root, the platform and production tool corresponding to the stem, and the contents corresponding to the fruit. Each of these will complete the metaverse forest. So let's analyze the metaverse technology by each layer of the metaverse pyramid.

Let us tour around the "Metaverse", which was considered only a story of the distant future, and the "K-Metaverse" startups that the world is paying attention to. Fore more details, let's go see it together!

Why is the world paying attention to Korea's metaverse startup?

K-Metaverse startups introduced in the video

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