ICM News. September 2021. Volume 14. 
 『Martial Arts, All the Way』Through Thick and Thin

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[Call for Participation] 2021 ICM International Martial Arts Photo Contest

ICM is hosting the 2021 ICM International Martial Arts Photo Contest from 10 September 2021 to 8 October 2021. Under the theme of 'Our Daily Lives with Martial Arts', the contest is open to anyone interested in martial arts and photography from all over the world.

4th Martial Arts Research Initiative for Experts (MARIE)

The 4th Martial Arts Research Initiative for Experts (MARIE) is held from Monday 5 July to Friday 10 September 2021 and all the training is conducted online in response to COVID-19 precautions. 5 participants from Ghana, Jordan, Russian, United States and South Korea were selected during a procedure conducted in April. 

Inclusive Martial Arts Webinar Series

The Inclusive Martial Arts Webinar Series is available as part of the 4th Martial Arts Research Initiative for Experts (MARIE) program. Presenters include people with disability who have been continuously practicing martial arts, and experts on inclusive martial arts. 

Publication of World Martial Arts: Towards a global overview

ICM has published the World Martial Arts: Towards a global overview, an initial outcome of ICM’s attempt to draw an overview of martial arts around the world. The report provides information about 300 martial arts of the world and comprehensive understanding of their current status.

Hosting of the 4th International Online Youth Martial Arts Camp

Due to the pandemic around the globe, this year's camp was held online. Though this was a challenge to both ICM and its participants, we hope this meaningful attempt allow participants to develop their capacity using martial arts and exchange their thoughts with friends from different countries under the COVID-19 situation.

Publication of the 2021 5th Martial Arts Open School Project Photo Album

Photo album for the 2021 5th Martial Arts Open School Project is now available. The book contains youth and girls who participated in this year’s martial arts activities. The project was held from 6 May to 30 July in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Spain, Uzbekistan and Singapore.
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Is It Possible to Recreate/Express Martial Arts Through Video Games?
KIM Yong Woo

With confidence, my answer is “yes” to the question on the title of this article. Why? Because of a technology called “motion capture”. Motion capture refers to the computerized  movements recorded by attaching sensors to a person’s body parts such as the head, arms, legs, and joints. 

COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on children - physical activity is essential. 
But do all parents have the funds for it?
Spela Lampe

At Judo Club Golovec, parents have to pay for monthly judo training for their child, as well as a uniform (judogi) every year or every two years. The management of the club, therefore, decided to prepare a socially responsible project and find a donor. 

The Kungfu Nuns
Gene Ching

Legends tell of mythic Kung Fu monasteries where mighty warriors began. The Shaolin Temple of China is the most famous, considered as the cradle of martial arts, and it is still active. However, there is another monastery that propounds martial arts – the Druk Amitabha Mountain Nunnery in Nepal. 

Let’s Brag about Our Favorite Martial Art!
I wanted others to understand the positive experiences that I earned from practicing my favorite martial art.  “It’s a positive cycle where a sense of physical well-being influences the mind, and the mind then influences the body in return. I’d like all of you to experience this process as well.”

Instructors Setting an Example of Mind-Body Discipline
YUN Jung joo

For better or for worse, education has a tremendous influence on students, possibly for their entire lives. That is why it is so important to have a good teacher to guide students toward the right path. As highlighted above, holistic education means more than the mere transfer of knowledge and skills and pursues the development of wholeness in individuals including morality and sociality. 
Voices of Youth
Writings from the perspectives of youths

Equitable proposal of macrostructure for the planning of 
martial arts classes for ASD students
Caio Amaral Gabriel, Patrícia Mattos Taveira do Amaral, Ricardo Bezerra Gabriel 

This article aims to provide a theoretical framework based on Polyvagal Theory (PT), a modern understanding of autonomic nervous system (ANS) (Porges, 2011), and the Sequence of Engagement (SE) (Winfrey & Perry, 2021), to help elucidate the mechanisms that support the effectiveness of martial arts for autistic students and provide practical insights in order to contribute with class planning and to a learning-friendly training environment.

 It takes courage to be the only one who believes in you
Kajal Srivastava

The biggest gift I got from KALARIPAYATTU is that I started loving myself again like I did when I was a kid. It is important to spread the real character of this beautiful art. It does not only focus on the physical aspects; that is just the visible part, in real sense the first target of any martial art is the control over one’s mind and body, i.e., it enhances self awareness through its intrinsic movements.
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 Comments from Members of the UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Demonstration Team

Under the slogan, ‘planting peace, and embracing the world’, the UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Demonstration Team, tours areas in Korea and holds regular performance at ICM. A whole of 10 members of the team share their experience. 
Essays from the 5th Martial Arts Open School in 2021 Participants
  • Student Marcos Parrado Lewis / Spain

Martial arts training can help me build up the reflexes needed in case of dangerous situations and can give me the confidence to stand up for myself whenever I need to. 
  • Student Nur Afreen Mukhlisa Binte Aza Muhaimin  / Singapore
The coaches also taught all of us on to always be respectful to others, not to show that we are powerful just because we learn martial arts.
  • Student Eryna Natasha Binte Said Bohari / Singapore
I learned from learning Pencak Silat that, when we know the martial arts, it is not to bully those weaker one or feel that we are stronger. But it makes us be more humble and always respect everyone around us. 
  • Student Dafne Leis Menken / Spain 

My experience with Taekwondo classes was so great. I enjoyed them very much, we learnt stances, ways of kicking and punching and ways to defend ourselves from attacks too.

  • Master Byun Seung-jin / Uzbekistan
Throughout the training, the traditional Korean etiquette embodied in Taekkyeon's training has been a great help in overcoming the difficult COVID-19 situation. This atmosphere made it possible to have fun and safe classes, which was meaningful and delightful, and many of the stresses and burdens created by difficult situations were relieved. 
Featured Martial Arts
Introduction to world martial arts

ASIA / Pasola

Pasola is a yearly recurring war festival on the island Sumba, Indonesia. The name is derived from hola which refers to a long wooden stick. During the festival two groups fight each other in a ritual spear fighting game on horseback, similar to jousting. The intent is to hit the approaching opponent with pasol-spears while avoiding getting hit. The festival is organised in different places on the island during the months February and March (Gillies, 2013). The timing of the festival coincides with the arrival of the nyale, multi-colored sea worms (Cristofoletti, 2016).

The villages, tribes and small kingdoms in the area were very isolated for a long time, this caused the persistence of internal wars up until the 20th century. The festival commemorates the wars and serves as a way to keep the peace and preserve the bond between families and their ancestral roots (Gillies 2013; Cristofoletti 2016).
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