Summer time is finally here! At Dot, we took some time to meet up with partners to pave the way for Dot Pad's societal appearance for the last two months.  We've returned back safely from Australia, attending the RSB Conference to learn about first-hand experiences. Furthermore, we are getting ready for future events, such as the National Federation of the Blind Convention and the Blind Veteran Convention in the US. 

We've been eagerly meeting up with people all around the world. Wondering what else we've been up to? Here, we bring you exciting updates. 

Andrea Bocelli, Captivated by

Tactile Display 

We went to meet Italy’s treasure, world renown Andrea Bochelli, in Italy. When he got his hands on a Dot Pad, his reaction was priceless. Come read what left Bocelli in awe!

A Puzzle That Can Be Enjoyed
Through Touch

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to experience a puzzle tactilely? Through the Dot Pad’s ‘Nonogram’ you can solve a puzzle at the tip of your fingers. Check it out!

Dot's Firsthand Experience at CSUN 

After two whole years of waiting, CSUN, a global assistive technology convention, was finally held in the US. Since it was a long time coming, there was much anticipation and concern, but Dot went in with a bang!

Kiosks Becoming Inconveniently
More Convenient?

Kiosks are being introduced after the pandemic, but the more convenient it gets, the more inaccessible it becomes to some. What changes were there to kiosks in South Korea?

 Dot in Story

What Are the International People with Disabilities Days?

In South Korea, April 20th is the official People with Disabilities Day which was created to raise awareness, encourage rehabilitation, and promote welfare. Are there designated days for people with disabilities in other countries? 

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