Volume 10(Feb 2022)

We are delighted to share the fantastic news that Chungcheong has been confirmed as a candidate city for the 2027 World University Games Summer. We plan to thoroughly prepare for the bidding process, expecting to announce the thrilling news that Chungcheong has been selected as the host city in October.

This issue contains the news that Chungcheong has become one of the two candidate cities for the 2027 WUG and the response of the Chungcheong community. Through an interview with Shin Eui-hyun from Chungcheong, who will participate in the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, we would like to review the meaning of the limitless challenge.

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Inside Chungcheong
Chungcheong, confirmed as a final candidate city for the 2027 Summer WUG

Chungcheong has passed a vital phase in the bid to host the 2027 WUG, the biggest event for student-athletes from around the world. On 3 February, FISU announced that Chungcheong and North Carolina (USA) had been confirmed as final candidates. We have reported CMBC (Chungcheong Megacity Bid Committee) activities to you through our newsletter. It is truly overwhelming to be able to share this fantastic news.


It is a remarkable achievement made possible through a committed and continuous joint effort of the CMBC and Chungcheong community. We are looking forward to the remaining journey toward final attribution. According to FISU, Chungcheong Megacity, composed of Daejeon, Sejong, Chungbuk, and Chungnam, will compete with North Carolina (USA), including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary for the selection of the 2027 host city.

The detailed bidding process has been finalized. FISU's technical visits and the preparation of the bidding dossier will take place between February and August 2022, and an onsite evaluation visit by FISU Executive Committee members is scheduled in September. The host city will be selected by voting at the FISU Executive Committee Meeting in 9 October in Ekaterinburg.

Kim Yoon-suk, Secretary-General of the CMBC, said, "Chungcheong was selected as a candidate city thanks to the generous support and effort of the people of Chungcheong. I am confident that the goddess of victory will be on our side if we present our vision to FISU why Chungcheong should host the 2027 WUG Summer."

Inside Chungcheong

Chungcheong citizens, joyful of the news of a final candidate city selection

 "We are so thrilled that Chungcheong has been named a final candidate city for the 2027 WUG Summer. We hope to be selected as the host city in October to show the world that a strong desire for hosting an international sports event becomes a reality when you pour your heart into it."

Upon receiving the news that FISU announced and confirmed Chungcheong as a final candidate city, local universities, including Pai Chai University, released their welcome address and celebrated it with one heart. Chungcheong citizens also shared their joy over the final candidature by clicking Facebook and Instagram 'likes' for the CMBC news. 

CMBC is promoting a social media event called 'When will Chungcehong host the Summer edition of the World University Games?' While answering the question, participants leave comments, expressing their strong support for the bid to host the games, such as "I sincerely hope Chungcheong can host the 2027 WUG." "As a Chungchong citizen, I am so looking forward to the WUG." and "I wish you the best of luck and successful hosting of the games."


Chungcheong Megacity actively engaged in a multitude of activities promoting the 2027 WUG Summer. Each city and province set up promotion groups that played a pivotal role in raising awareness and attracting citizen interest in the WUG. Moreover, a one-million signature campaign has been launched nationwide. As of 20 February, about 62,000 people have signed it. Anyone who supports Chungcheong can sign both on and offline.

Inside Chungcheong

2027 WUG, a great momentum toward the development of sports for the disabled in Chungcheong

Today, on 20 February, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has ended with a grand finale. Rising to greater challenges and touching the hearts of sports fans, the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games will start on 4 March. Shin Eui-hyun, born in Chungcheong, participates in the games representing the Republic of Korea. He is full of determination to deliver the paralympic value, 'Inspire a Generation.'

"As a sportsperson with a disability, I have endured the fight with myself imagining myself standing on the glorious Olympic stage. I hope that my challenge at the games will serve as an opportunity to spread the value of sports, regardless of the word disability," he said.

Shin, a member of the Sejong Sports Association for the Disabled and representing the Korean Nordic Skiing team, won his first gold medal in the 7.5km para cross-country event at PyeongChang Paralympic Games four years ago. Furthermore, he won a silver medal at the 2021 World Para Snow Sports Championship, showing his world-class skills.

Shin eagerly hopes to see the 2027 WUG occurring in Chungcheong, Republic of Korea. "Hosting an international sports event can improve the sports infrastructure of Chungcheong. Then, it is Chungcheong people who will enjoy and benefit from the advancement," he highlighted. In particular, he wants to put Chungcheong's excellent sports facilities for athletes with disabilities on the world map. He added, "Hosting the 2027 World University Games will gather great momentum for the development of sports for the disabled."

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