Volume 17(OCT 2022)

The decision day of a hosting city for the 2027 FISU World University Games Summer (WUG) is coming on 12 November. We believe that our passion, desires, and dream to host the WUG 2027 have been well delivered to everybody! I hope we can create the WUG 2027 where all university athletes and its community dream come true and contribute to making a better future.

This issue focuses on a special interview with Hosung Chang, president of the Korean University Sports Board (KUSB) and chairman of Dankook University, on the key strengths of Chungcheong Megacity's bid.

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"Why it must be Chungcheong : 4 unbeatable strengths"
- Interview with Hosung Chang, president of KUSB

Korean University Sports Board is the governing organization of university athletics and activities in Korea. It also provides opportunities for university student-athletes to compete in various international events, supporting, entering, and overseeing national teams for the Summer and Winter World University Games. In an interview with CMBC, Hosung Chang, president of KUSB, tells four very strong reasons why the 2027 FISU World University Games must be organized in Chungcheong.

As you have been part of the Chungcheong 2027 bid journey, you know Chungcheong inside and out. What are Chungcheong's irreplaceable strengths?

First and foremost, the central government and four local governments have guaranteed generous financial and administrative support, including a budget of 440 million euros for the operation of the Games. Financial stability is the most important pillar for the Games' success, invested in specialized and yet sustainable venues and games services. Administrative support ensures administrative processes and the best use of available resources required for areas such as immigration, visa, and security in close cooperation with the relevant authorities of Korea.


As important as its solid financial backing is the experienced team of personnel. Chungcheong 2027 is made up of a pool of personnel with professional experience in organizing the world's premier athletic event, namely the Universiades in 1997, 2003, and 2015, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and the 2019 Gwangju World Swimming Championships. I am confident this team of experts will play a pivotal role in successfully organizing the World University Games in Chungcheong.


Thirdly, Chungcheong is at the heart of Korea's education, transportation, administration, and industry. The four cities and provinces of Chungcheong share the same history and culture, and they form a team to make a single voice. In addition, the region harbors the nation’s administrative capital Sejong and major ICT and biotechnology R&D clusters. Chungcheong Megacity’s abundant resources will make a great synergy with Chungcheong 2027.


Lastly, Chungcheong 2027 recognizes the environmental and economic burdens that are made due to creating the fanciest and the most luxurious Games venues and infrastructure. To address such concerns and contribute to the sustainable future of the games, Chungcheong 2027 will make significant reforms to the way the Games are pursued, prepared for, and hosted.


All newly expanded and renovated stadiums will be constructed using the most advanced eco-friendly methods. Among the 31 venues, 19 are existing, and two facilities will be built as temporary facilities; 10 stadiums will be built anew with the local government budget, and only one out of 10 will be covered by the organizing committee budget.  Construction for some of the new venues has already begun. All venues for the 2027 Games will be environment-friendly and sustainable venue legacies to be left behind for the residents of Chungcheong at the site of the new administration center of Korea. As in the 2015 Gwangju Universiade, we guarantee that the construction and maintenance of the stadium will be prepared without any setbacks.

What is the value of university sports, and how do you expect it to be realized in Chungcheong 2027?

I believe FISU's motto, "Excellence in Body and Mind,” highlights the value of university sports; a strong and healthy mind and body are the foundations for learning and getting the most out of life. University sports contribute to helping students gain health, well-being, and experiences through sports activities and grow into exemplary, responsible members of the community. FISU encourages students worldwide to participate in sports through various programs.


Education is an integral part of the Chungcheong region, with 66 universities and approximately 20 percent of the total number of university students in Korea. I believe that Chungcheong 2027 will be able to further develop the values and spirit of FISU through the university’s sustainable legacy program and healthy campus project.

What role will KUSB play if the 2027 Chungcheong bid succeeds?

As a counter partner of FISU in Korea, we will actively support the successful hosting of the games by establishing a close cooperative partnership with the Korean government, the four cities, and provinces of Chungcheong, Korean sports organizations, and related national sports federations (NSFs).


Dankook University Cheonan Campus, where I am the Chairman, is in Cheonan, Chungcheong region, with 14,000 enrolled students in 50 departments, including the department of international sports. Dankook University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium is planned to be used as the 2027 WUG volleyball venue. I cannot wait to see the athletes’ incredible performance and their sweat, tears, joy, story, and excitement fill the stadium.


We look forward to delivering good news to all from Brussels on 12 November.

Never-ending support activities for the Chungcheong 2027 bid

As the Chungcheongbuk-do Sport Council held the Long Walk Chungcheong - a campaign that walks across Chungcheong, after three years of rest due to the pandemic, to promote and show support for the Chungcheong 2027 bid. The walk was conducted from 26 September to 1 October, with two courses in the southern and northern Chungcheong regions, respectively. The participants walked 246 kilometers, with every step of the walk making wishes for the 2027 World University Games bid success.

 In addition, the one million signatures campaign is still rolling in Korea even after it has already reached its goal of one million people's signatures and delivered the copies to FISU. Even now, those who aspire to a successful bid are joining the campaign, and as of 20 October, 1,418,399 people have given their names.

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