Volume 13(MAY 2022)

There isn't a better time to celebrate physical activities and do sports as when the warm weather and sunshine make their way back into our lives! And just in time, most of the covid restrictions at sports stadiums have been lifted in many countries. You will no longer be required to wear a mask, and you can eat and drink while watching your favorite sports on the field. Isn't it just what we missed the most in the last two years! We hope you have had the opportunity to make the most of sports events and enjoy them with friends and family.

In this issue, we bring updates on aquatics, fencing, and judo venues. It also features an exclusive interview with Choi In-jeong, Korea's rising fencing star, and her story on the victory at the Grand Prix along with her Universiade memories.

Last but not least, the Chungcheong Megacity 2027 World University Games Bid Committee (2027CMBC) is excited to share some gold medal-worthy 2027 World University Games (2027 WUGs) bid promotion campaigns unfolded in Korea.

Publicized by 2027CMBC

Chungcheong's Venue
Envisioning an inclusive and sustainable sports environment
Yongun International Aquatics Center (Aquatics)

Diving is one of the most exciting sports in the world. It involves leaping and springing into the water while trying to perfect a series of perfected body positions.

Since Woo Ha-ram finished fourth in the men's 3-meter springboard diving event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, recording the best Olympic result in South Korean diving history, the sport is gaining more popularity in Korea.

Yongun International Aquatics Center, where the diving competition for 2027 WUGs will be held, provides fascinating world-class facilities for the nation's elite and local athletes, hosting a variety of international, national, and junior competitions. 

Besides the 10-lane competition pool, other features include a diving pool, warm-up pool, heated pool, and children's swim play area.


Yongun International Aquatics Center is the first barrier-free sports facility to have Universal Design Certification in 2010 and provides a sporting environment and culture that is truly inclusive for all ages and abilities together. 


The aquatics center also offers highly valued community exercise programmes such as scuba diving and high diving lessons in a 5-meter deep diving pool!

Southwest Sports Complex (Fencing)

Fencing traces its roots to the development of swordsmanship for duels and self-defense. Fencing was included in the competition programme at the 1959 Turin World University Games. Besides archery and speedskating, Korea was raised as one of the world's best fencing countries.


For fencing, Southwest Sports Complex will be built ahead of 2027 WUGs. The complex will house the main and auxiliary stadium, multi-purpose stadium, and a public fitness facility.


Many sports venues have jumped on the sustainability bandwagon to minimize their carbon footprint and preserve their green legacy, as with the Southwest Sports Complex. The facility will incorporate some of the most impressive sustainability elements into its construction and operation, including renewable energy power sources, an air cleaning system, and eco-friendly construction and finishing materials. It will serve as a multi-sports complex that benefits athletes and local residents' physical health and positive lifestyle.

Chungju Korean Martial Arts Promotion Center (Judo)

Chungju Korean Martial Arts Promotion Center will host a Judo competition for 2027 WUGs. The architectural design for the facility has been selected, and the design service is expected to complete this year. The facility design delivers the dynamic elegance of Korean martial arts, and the promotion center will undoubtedly become a landmark facility that serves as a focal point for Korean martial arts.


The traditional martial arts promotion center will be built on a site of 27,770 square meters in Hoam-dong Sports Town with a total floor area of 11,500 square meters. The stadium will provide a 4,500 seating capacity stadium, training facilities, community center, experience, and exhibition hall and will be completed in 2024.

Chungcheong People

Choi In-jeong: exclusive interview with fencer champion

From her silver medal in team women's épée at the Tokyo Olympics to Cairo Grand Prix victory, 2021 and 2022 has been 31-year-old Choi In-jeong's annus mirabilis. We caught up with Korean fencing's superstar to reflect on the last 12 months and look ahead to the next.

What a year! Congratulations on the great match! How are you feeling?

Despite the restricted training and unstable series of events due to COVID- 19, I wanted to focus and enjoy the match, making it without regrets. I am now looking forward to summer training.

Can you introduce épée, and why did you choose épée as your sport?

Fencing takes the form of combat sports that requires rapid execution of footwork and balance between two blades. Among the five disciplines, épée is the most defensive, requiring higher skills to stop an opponent from attempting to score a point, and counter moves are crucial.


There are so many things you must evaluate about your opponent while you're in movement: distance, the location of their arm, and what they are attempting to set up, while also keeping control of your own tactics and form. 

Taking you back a couple of years, you've won a silver medal at the 2013 Kazan Universiade. What are your memories of the Universiade?

I participated in many international competitions, but Universiade is one of the events that I enjoyed very much. Universiade is special. Unlike other sports events, there is a unique atmosphere that it is a celebration for university student-athletes and their sports. I met fellow student-athletes from around the world and shared their feelings as athletes who are also students. It was a fantastic experience that I would never miss out on.


After attending Kazan Universiade, I always recommend other student-athletes around to participate in the Universiade if they can, hoping that they will also cross paths with the once-in-a-lifetime experience.


You play for the Chungcheong regional fencing team. Do you have any encouraging words for the Chungcheong Megacity Universiade bid?

Chungcheong is where I was born and grew up. As a Chungcheong citizen, I will be thrilled and proud if Chungcheong hosts the 2027 WUGs, the world's biggest university student sports event. 


The event will be a good motivation for talented young athletes in Chungcheong, and they will be very looking forward to it, not to mention the majority of citizens in Chungcheong Megacity. I wholeheartedly support Chungcheong Megacity's 2027 WUGs bid and applaud its every endeavor to win the bid.

Bidding Progress

The whole nation together for 2027 WUGs
 "YES, World University Games, We Back the Bid." 

2027CMBC is leading the 2027 Summer WUGs promotion campaign, and it is getting more attention and followers on its track day by day. The bid campaign has now spread beyond the Chungcheong region and is gaining even more national support. 

2027CMBC took a more straightforward approach and made a promotional video and content touting Chungcheong's campaign to host the 2027 WUGs, which are now being displayed not only at train stations and subway stations in the bidding cities and provinces but also on a giant LED billboard at the heart of Korea, Seoul! 

Another pillar of the promotional effort is made by university students. University students in the Chungcheong region have come together to showcase their support for the 2027 WUGs. The student volunteers have organized various promotional activities, including making a promotional film on university sports and why the host city needs to be Chungcheong Megacity. The student volunteers are also visiting universities in the Chungcheong region to meet other university students and share the value of university sports and Chungcheong's bid for 2027 WUGs.

Also, the students have organized social media supporters for Chungcheong Megacity in the 2027 WUGs bid, which is about to launch in June. University students with active social media channels can sign up for the supporters by May. Selected students will be creating content about the 2027 bid, tourist spots, festivals, and events in Chungcheong.

2027CMBC opened a YouTube channel and uploaded a second promotional video aimed at university students.

Lastly, the university students' creative film contest on 2027 WUGs is just around the corner. The winner will be announced on June 15th and be introduced in our following newsletter. Stay tuned!

Inside Chungcheong

Building a sports mecca at the heart of Korea: Sejong Special Self-Governing City 

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Sejong Special Self-Governing City, the Sejong City Sports Association, the Sejong City Triathlon Association, and the Korean Triathlon Association will hold the 2022 Sejong Asian Triathlon Sprint Championships in the Sejong Lake Park for four days from June 2nd to 5th.

The hosting of the event is very significant to Sejong citizens as it is the most status and rating competition in the triathlon and the first international competition to be held in Sejong city.

The competition will bring together the best athletes from all over Asia. Top national athletes from 36 member countries of the Asian Triathlon Federation (ASTC) will participate in the elite sprint course (swimming 750m, cycling 20km, running 5km) and the standard course (swimming 1.5km, cycling 40km, running 10km)

This is the first international competition organized to celebrate the Sejong city's 10th anniversary for the Special City designation, and the city government and the Sports Association are ready to provide full swing administrative and financial support for a successful event.

In addition, starting with the triathlon championships, Sejong city plans to continue to build on its experience in staging international and national competitions and develop as a Korean sports mecca at the heart of Korea.

358 Galmae-ro, Sejong city, Republic of Korea