Volume 4(August 2021)


The last newsletter highlighted the vision, sustainability, and legacy of the Chungcheong 2027 WUG. We truly believe that you have closely realized the readiness of Chungcheong.
This issue excitingly introduces a special event that the CMBC has organized to celebrate the International Day of University Sports (IDUS) on the 20 September.
The CMBC has the great pleasure of unveiling a new emblem. We are thrilled to present the symbol that embodies the values of the Chungcheong 2027 WUG.
Inside 2027 Chungcheong
Our new emblem is here!

The CMBC has finally announced its new emblem. โ€œI am delighted with the emblem that represents our strong will and highlights our values in this campaign to host the Chungcheong Megacity 2027 WUG,โ€ said Governor Lee Si-jong, the bid committee chair.
At the upper center of the emblem, the Korean consonant 'ใ…Š' appears twice 'ใ…Šใ…Š'. These are initials of the Korean name โ€˜์ถฉ์ฒญ(Chungcheong),โ€™ which represents the dynamics of running athletes, not alone but together.
The entire shape represents a geographical configuration of 4 cities and provinces, Daejeon, Sejong, Chungbuk, and Chungnam. It also resembles the outline of a traditional Korean fortune pouch. In Korea during the first lunar month of the year, it is customary to wear the traditional costume Hanbok and adorn it with a fortune pouch. It is believed that wearing with a fortune pouch this particular month brings fortune all year round. The fortune pouch signifies wishes, hopes, and good luck to Chungcheong as well as the prosperity in international university sports. 
A woman in a hanbok holding a fortune pouch
The blue diamond in the middle represents the strong desire and will of the four cities and provinces as one team to host the 2027 WUG in Chungcheong. The messages of this symbol demonstrate our warm wishes that university student-athletes from around the globe can run together and exchange fortune at the 2027 WUG.

International Day of University Sport
SNS event celebrating IDUS! Be the first to join!
The United Nations (UN) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proclaimed September 20 as the International Day of University Sport (IDUS) in 2016. The FISU celebrates this every year in the hope of building โ€œa world where sports unite all university students.โ€
In this regard, the CMBC has been preparing an exciting social media event to promote the university sports movement. As we are all aware, it is difficult to meet or act in person this year due to pandemic, the CMBC has prepared an online event. It is an SNS event to be carried out in collaboration with the Korea University Sports Board (KUSB) and two FISU Student Ambassadors of Korea, Lee Kyung-Eun, and Kim Min-Joo. This event aims to show how Korean universities and their students celebrate IDUS and spread the values of sport on social media despite the corona pandemic.

A unique feature of this event is an Augmented Reality (AR) filter, which will be provided to participants to enhance the joy and excitement of using it and offer them a whole new experience. An AR filter is a computer-generated effect designed to superimpose 3-dimensional virtual images on real-life images. What participants need to do is film fun videos of 2 sports, basketball and swimming, using AR filters, and post them their Facebook or Instagram pages. The event will be open from 31 August till 20 September 2021.

We look forward to creative and constructive videos that celebrate IDUS while also expressing the participantsโ€™ identities. Amazing gifts will await those who blow our minds! 
The two FISU Student Ambassadors of Korea, Lee Kyung-Eun, and Kim Min-Joo are joining the SNS event.

โœ” Messages from two Korean FISU student ambassadors

Lee Kyung-Eun and Kim Min-Joo are FISU student ambassadors of Korea. Student ambassadors serve as an essential link between NUSF, students, and FISU.
โ€œWe are super excited that Chungcheong is willing and preparing to host the 2027 WUG,โ€ they said with one voice. Both are already looking forward to the 2027 WUG, where they will feel proud as student ambassadors. To this end, the two will actively lead the SNS event to celebrate IDUS and encourage fellow Korean university students to participate.

Ambassador Lee has been at the forefront of promoting the goals and values of FISU representing Korean university students since 2019, and so has Ambassador Kim since 2021. As for Ambassador Lee, she has been actively working as a FISU General Equality Committee member, contributing to establish an environment for gender equality in sports.

2020 Tokyo Olympics
Chungcheong Atheletes Shine at the Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics ended on August 8. Thirty-three sports competed over 17 days, and it presented a touching drama to the people around the world.
Twenty-one athletes from the Chungcheong region participated in eleven sports at the Tokyo Olympics. Regardless of whether they got a medal or not, each athlete did their best and deserved heartfelt acclaim and applause. Thank you so much to all our athletes that represented Korea in the Tokyo Olympics, especially our Chungcheong athletes who give us happiness and unforgettable memories!
Lastly, we send our warm support to the athletes who take part in the Tokyo Paralympics starting on August 24. We believe our athlete stars are set to shine in Tokyo! We cannot wait to see their outstanding performances and successes as well!
358 Galmae-ro, Sejong city, Republic of Korea