For the second part of the Metaverse Conversation Series,

we will have a dialogue on digital twins with Korea's best digital transformation expert, Professor Jaehong Choi, and K-Metaverse startup companies.

Enjoy vivid voices from the metaverse experts and professionals!

Below, we will introduce the insights on various metaverse topics.

Introducing Speaker

The intention of the series

‘Digital Twin’ technology, one of the four technologies representing the metaverse!

Since the rise of the metaverse, the focus has been on various contents enjoyed in the VR space, but in fact, digital twin technology is one of the fastest-growing fields. Various attempts are already being made in the industry, such as employee training, inventory management, and facility management using digital twins. Big tech companies  (such as Nvidia Omniverse, Naver ARCVERSE) that are active in venturing the metaverse are also focusing on digital twins rather than developing a metaverse environment for general consumers. Accordingly, companies that provide various B2B services such as facility management (Team Solution) or remote control (MetaView, P&C Solution) using digital twin technology have emerged in Korea.

We will invite the representatives of these companies and experts to hear directly from them about the digital twin service and difficulties in the field and to share opinions.

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