Light Is Addictive!? (Light Science Vol.12)
Light Is Addictive!?
Is it only because of the mood that you feel better when you are under the bright sun? Surprisingly, researchers at Harvard Medical School argue that it is because light helps produce narcotics in your body.

Harvard University research shows that when mice are repeatedly exposed to ultraviolet light, an opioid analogue called beta-endorphin is produced. Beta endorphin is a powerful drug produced in the body, and it has analgesic effect and addictive ability in addition to making you feel pleasure. Indeed, the beta endorphin produced by ultraviolet light has shown the experimental animals to be insensitive to pain. In addition, when their beta-endorphin action was blocked, the mice had withdrawal symptoms such as shaking the body and banging his teeth.

These interesting results suggest that many people enjoy sunbathing for relaxation, perhaps because they are addicted to light. From the circadian regulation to the addiction, the effects of photons on living organisms vary greatly.

Source: New Medical Life Sciences Website
A-Young Lee Ph.D
Head of Our Healthcare Committee 

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