How Sunlight Burns Fat
One of the many benefits of the sun to plants and animals on Earth is its role as a natural vitamin source. When the skin receives ultraviolet rays, vitamin D is synthesized and plays many important functions of the human body. One of the vitamin D deficiencies has been known to cause obesity. Therefore, supplementing vitamin D through UV light can prevent some of the risk of obesity.

<Fig 1. Sunlight and Vitamin D>
However, recently, Australian researchers have found that the anti-obesity effect of UV is not related to vitamin D. Ultraviolet-induced weight loss was not seen when vitamin D supplemented without ultraviolet light.
As the sun's UV rays make natural vitamin D and prevent obesity, getting an adequate amount of sunlight every day will help your health in many ways.  

<Fig 2.  Health Benefits of Sunlight>
A-Young Lee Ph.D 

Head of Our Healthcare Committee 

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