WHRCF Newsletter Day 2

The 11th World Human Rights Cities Forum Day 2
The second day of the Forum covered Plenary, Thematic, Special, and Network Sessions. Diverse themes and issues were discussed during each session. There were five Thematic Sessions, which are "Refugees", "Social Economy", "Peace and Human Rights", "UN SDGs and Human Rights", and "Children & Youth". Special Sessions covered the Indonesian HRC, Act on HR Policy, International HR Policy, and UNESCO Master Class Launching Panel. Last but not least, Network Session with the theme of "Human Rights Activists Workshop" took place during the second day.
Plenary Session 2 explored how human rights can become a core pillar of the global pandemic. With local governments leaders sharing their perspectives, the plenary session set the stage for deeper reflections on the human rights of this new deal.
Non-discrimination is a key pillar of Human Rights Cities' policies. In Plenary Session 3, local governments shared their experience and the way of addressing the recent wave of anti-racist protest & COVID-19 impact on discrimination.
Many challenges remain due to the frequent rejection and deportation of refugees. The session shared the outcomes of the "Procedure for Recognition of Refugee Status" in the East and concluded with the institutional task for future improvement.
Children and Youth
As COVID-19 had an impact on the rights of the child and the rights of education, the ecological transition of education is needed. The session discussed ways on how to approach an educational paradigm
prioritizing coexistence with the ecological environment.
Human Rights Activists Workshop
During the session, the experiences of human rights activists, who faced and responded to discrimination revealed during the outbreak of the pandemic, were shared.
The activists urged to work in solidarity in each region to respond to the discrimination exposed by COVID-19.
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