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 19/ 08/ 2021, UlsanAPaMM Newsletter #5

DATE: 1.(Fri) - 3.(Sun) Oct, 2021
VENUE: Ulsan Culture & Arts Center
What is UlsanAPaMM Conference?
This program is intended to discuss issues and trends emerging in the domestic and foreign music markets together with related people across different music industries. In conference, we discuss about strategies which can help local music develop and get more recognition with fabulous music experts. And we also talk about the way how we can have a better local music ecosystem in Asia-Pacific regions.

This year, the UlsanAPaMM Conference will consist of various themes, such as a Roadmap presented by experts to help local music develop and be discovered. We will also hold 4 Sessions with themes like UNESCO, Technology Convergence, Platform Utilization, and Non-face-to-face contents.

Locality Artists 01 Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute
Founded in 2006, Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute is a versatile organization of folk music such as pansori and folk song. It tries to perform various work including original pansori, gukak pop, changgeuk, local music, and others. Based on the continuous endeavor in researching on the traditional and original pansori, it strives to popularize gukak and to discover culture contents of Ulsan Kim Mi-kyung has created the song of Ulsan herself. She made additional achievements like sheet music publication, album release, and training of her students to walk on the path.
Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute
"Real Man Cheoyong! Let's play with the Cheyong god today"
Q1. How does Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute preserve the past?

A1. "Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute has been accepting the local music that has long been fancied, as a means of [Discovering Traditional Music through Local Cultural Heritage]."
In order to preserve and inherit local music annually, our organization continues to discover local music through tradition and creation in the theme of the region’s historical figure Cheoyong known for his masculinity, and Shimjaran.

Q2. How does Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute live in the present?

A2. "Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute is working with people with its [unprecedented music]."
The institute strives to avoid falling behind in the current circumstances by collaborating with its understudies and prodigies to reinforce the capabilities of both individuals and groups in terms of creative music planning and record work.

Q3. How does the  Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute  look to the future?

A3. "In the future, Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute sees itself as the [representative organization of Ulsan, that aims to become the world’s leading organization]"
By introducing Ulsan’s 12 most renowned sceneries via Pansori, the institute exerts itself to become Ulsan’s leading Pansori organization. Not only would the we embrace and preserve Korea’s traditional music but we will also strive to produce creative, traditional-based Pansori through its popularization and various ingenious output.

Locality Artists 02
This is a world music project together with two groups representing Ulsan in Republic of Korea, Naedrum and Daeboreum. Founded with the motto of ‘The world where we live together, this exciting life’, Naedrum has done a lot of performances to popularize traditional music and realize its globalization. Started with the cooperation with Daeboreum with the music called ‘Four Seasons of Woosisan’ in 2018, it has tried to exchange music with one another and mixed many genres from the East and West for the last 4 years. In addition, it has worked with indie music which has dreamy and magical sensitivities. Recent collaboration works are also in progress with jazz and hip-hop. It consists of a sing-songwriter and many musicians who can sing Pansori, play samulnori, electronic guitar, bass guitar, and synthesizer. Through its second project, ‘Blow the southeast wind’, it has actively involved in many festivals such as Ulsan World Music Festival(UWMF) Locality performances, Music Festa and others. 
"Harmony ooriental Rhythms and  occidental  Rhymes: K-rap"
Q1How does NAEDRUM X DAEBOREUM preserve the past?

A1.  "Local music which has been around for a long time is [our value and strength to build a musical ensemble]."
We, NAEDRUM X DAEBOREUM was created with regionality, and based on it, we have the ambition to perform globally. We believe Ulsan’s attractions and tangible/ intangible assets encompassing its culture and history are the roots and strength of our music. And we’ll continue to create and express until its agony and breath can be delivered to the audience. 
Q2. How does NAEDRUM X DAEBOREUM live in the present?

A2. "NAEDRUM X DAEBOREUM harmonize with people through [passion and love]."
Within members, we depend on each other and accept diversity, and externally we try to focus on the various and trendy images with traditionality at the same time to introduce natural music. Sometimes it is hard to communicate because the styles of music are completely different, but whenever we finish our performances, we could realize that we really enjoyed the moment with the understanding that our passion and love for music are the same. 

Q3. How does the  NAEDRUM X DAEBOREUM look to the future?

A3. "In the future, NAEDRUM X DAEBOREUM sees themselves as the [artists who keep going forward with high spirit and unity like Korea]"
The full moon drawing a circle in the dark night sky and presenting warmth. Though it is not clear yet due to thick fog, we want to confidently keep our place forever with our music, emitting the bright and warm light of the full moon. NAEDRUM X DAEBOREUM has 15 members, and we want to move forward as a band that can continue with high spirit and unity like Korea when we had fun with the shining full moon in the night sky every 15th of each month.

Locality Artists 03 Pareaso 
Founded in 2002, Pareaso is a representative organization of Korean traditional music which mainly performs in Ulsan, which means a pond overflowing with songs. From ‘Nabom,’ a traditional music brand, to ‘From the Orient, world music ensemble’, the organization has focused on creating their own brand and expanding their own field. Under the theme of folk music in the Gyeongsangnam-do Province, they have involved in various activities. They were selected to present their performances during UlsanAPaMM Showcase in 2015 to 2017, and they were invited to Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) in 2017.
"World Music Ensemble Pareaso 'From the Orient"
Q1How does  Pareaso  preserve the past?

A1. "Local music which has been around for a long time is [a bridge to us]."
We believe that traditional music is a condensed form of intangible art passed down from the past called tradition to the contemporary artists who enrich it with their own music and pass it on to the next generation. Having said that, we see ourselves as a bridge between the past and future and we are doing our best to find a balance between tradition and innovation to act as a good "coupler".
Q2. How does  Pareaso live in the present?

A2. "We harmonize with people through [traditional art]."
Shamanic music is not a deliberately made piece of art that uses science and techniques. It came into life naturally as people expressed their feelings through songs and instruments. We think this highly artistic form of music is an excellent medium people can use to share their emotions with one another. Since it incorporates music, singing, dancing, performances and interaction with the audience, it is an integrated performing arts. Pareaso has been producing original works rooted in traditional music and shamanic music out of fascination for such music.
Q3. How does the  Pareaso  look to the future?

A3. "In the future, we want to [be a group doing our own music]."
It has always been on our minds that doing our music is more important than being the best. As traditional music developed its own musical style over years of time, we believe that there will come a time when we can be a group of artists with a distinctive musical style if we persist in producing original works as we pursue our style of music.
We hope one day people will use the term "Pareaso style" to describe music.

Today, we finished introducing UlsanAPaMM Locality Artists!!!
Theu are all Local Artists of Ulsan! So, We look forward to watching their fabulous performances a UlsanAPaMM! However, it is too early to be disappointed. Because we still have variety news like Abroad Locality artists and Choice artists! So, please keep paying attention to UlsamAPaMM!!!

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