Volume 9(Jan 2022)


With the new year comes new memories to be made. We look forward to using the sport to build a better society and improving everybody’s well-being.

This issue introduces the 2022 mega sports event calendar. The Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Asian Games, and Summer WUG await us. Let us not miss the exciting interview with Mr. Kim Woo-jin, the archery gold medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic. He is actively promoting Chungcheong 2027! 
The Major Sporting Events in the World for 2022

The year 2022 promises to be another exciting year of sport.
The calendar appears to be more choc-a-block with mega-sporting events than any other year. From the Winter Olympics to the World Cup, Asian Games, and Summer WUG. They will be held one after another, making the hearts of worldwide sports fans flutter. We (CMBC) also deliver a message of hope through sport events and expect a new history to be written.

Firstly, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, the capital of China, from 4 February. The players in 15 sports and 109 events will showcase their honed skills. A distinctive feature of this Beijing 2022 is the increase in women's and mixed competitions compared to previous Olympics, in line with the spread of gender equality values.

The 31st Summer WUG in Chengdu will start on 26 June. It is the first world-class sporting event to be held in western China. We hope the Chengdu 2021, running until 7 July, will comfort the regret harbored in our hearts by the cancellation of the Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade. Undoubtedly, Chengdu will also have a sustainable sports legacy pursued by FISU through the Summer WUG.

The Asian Games, a multi-sport event, shall also kick off in Hangzhou, China, on 10 September. Esports and breakdancing are listed as official medal sport at Hangzhou so that you will enjoy their first-time competition at the Asian Games.

Last but not least, the FIFA World Cup will be held on 21 November in Qatar. Again, it will bring fans together around the passion, joy, tears, and love for the game. The qualifying tournaments are underway on each continent, leading to an exciting finals event.

Now, all we have to do is cheer for the athletes who are up to the infinite challenge.
Enjoy the ride!
Team Korea in Beijing 2022
The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is only two weeks away. Republic of Korea will send a delegation composed of 50 executives, and 60 players. The Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (KSOC) held a Media Day at Jincheon National Training Center in Chungbuk on the 5th, pledging to excel at the Olympics.

Korean athletes will compete in six events: short track, speed skating, figure skating, curling, snowboarding, and skiing. We are proud of our athletes who have practiced with great perseverance preparing for the Beijing Olympics despite unexpected difficulties.

The Chungcheong athlete competitions will be worth watching. Cha Jun-hwan and Lee Si-hyeong, representing Sejong city, have won tickets to participate in figure skating. For the first time in history, Korean athletes will compete in men's figure skating, making us happier as they are both from Chungcheong. We would also like to ask for your support for Jang Yu-jin, from Sejong City, representing Korea in the freestyle ski.

Please look forward to the stunning performances of Korean athletes and athletes from Chungcheong!
Inside Chungcheong
"Chungcheong, a city where athletes feel at home and play well"
Kim Woo-jin is undoubtedly the world's best archer after winning a gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics archery team event and a triple crown at the 2021 World Archery Championships, the first time in the history of the World Archery Championships. He also participated in five Universiades since 2011 and won two gold, one silver, and two bronze medals in individual and team competitions.

"When I participated in Universiade, I really enjoyed competing with college students from other countries and was thrilled when each medal was hung around my neck," he recalls.
"One of the great advantages of the 2027 WUG in Chungcheong is 
the short distances between sports venues and accommodation 
which will save athletes from long travel and fatigue. 
I can assure my fellow athletes that the main sports venues and facilities are less than an hour away from the Games Village, 
which will greatly improve our performance."
Hearing the news that Chungcheong was bidding to host the 2027 WUG, he didn't hesitate to provide his full support. He took the job of co-chair of the Chungcheong 2027 Summer WUG Promotion Group launched in October last year, to tell his dream of becoming a world-class archer as a boy born and raised in Chungcheong.

As a member of the Cheongju City archer team in Chungbuk, Kim shared his strong wish, "I hope that the WUG, which promotes the friendship of college students worldwide, will be held in Chungcheong so that they can enjoy the traditions and culture of Chungcheong to the fullest."

358 Galmae-ro, Sejong city, Republic of Korea