Volume 11(Mar 2022)

Starting gun sounds on hosting 2027 World University Games Summer(WUG). Having hosted the most prestigious mega sporting events, including two successful Universiades, Pyeongchang Olympics, and FIFA World Cup, the Republic of Korea has rich experiences in world mega sports events organization, deep insight know-hows for venues, and passionate people. Chungcheong megacity is integrating those all resources and showing our possibility during the FISU technical visit scheduled in July 2022.

We are excited to introduce the Chungcheong megacity’s three key elements - venues, experiences, people - in the newsletters to follow, and the first highlight is on the venues.

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Chungcheong's Venue_Archery
KIM Soo-nyung Archery Field, the cradle of Korean archery

Republic of Korea is the strongest in archery. The Korean archers shine at every Summer Olympics, claiming 27 of the 39 golds awarded since the Republic of Korea’s first participation in the sport in 1984.


Among the Republic of Korea’s golden archers, Kim Soo-nyung from Chungcheong is one of the most decorated Olympians and named “Athlete of the Century” by the World Archery Federation (WA).

To commemorate her great accomplishment, an Archery competition venue was built in the Chungcheong region in her honor as Kim Soo-nyung Archery Field.

Kim Soo-nyung Archery Field is the Republic of Korea’s top archery facility built in 1994 with 4 billion Korean won investment into the construction. The 2016 renovation of the facility upgraded the grounds, qualifying for the international archery field standard. The facility successfully hosted the 2005 World Para Archery Championships and many national archery competitions and still proved a popular field for national and international archery games.

The field is open not only for training and competitions but also for the public, providing space to learn archery and enjoy other sports and recreation activities. Kim Soo-nyung Archery Field will be used as the training center and the main competition venue for the 2027 WUG.


We cannot wait to see the world elite university student archers’ dreams be made at the Kim Soo-nyung Archery Field!

Chungcheong's Venue_Athletics

Sejong Sports Complex, 2027 WUG iconic legacy

at the center of Korean administrative capital

Sejong City, officially called Sejong Special Self-Governing City, is a brand new, de facto administrative capital of the Republic of Korea with a population of 380,000. To increase everyone’s well-being of life in the new city, the work is underway to complete the Complex by 2027.


Applying high-tech architecture and impressive three-leaf clover design, the Sejong Sports Complex houses a 25,000-person capacity multi-purpose sports stadium, indoor courts, and indoor swimming pool, making it a perfect community sporting venue and an effective and flexible space to accommodate the needs of people’s lifestyles. Each facility forms three independent cores, with spaces between the facilities used as communal areas and connecting the buildings and city streets.

The Sejong Sports Complex will be used for the closing ceremony and the athletics competition venue for 2027 WUG, and it will be a great legacy to leave to the people of Chungcheong region, the host city of 2027 WUG.

Bidding Progress

FISU technical visit in July 2022

In close collaboration, Chungcheong Megacity Bid Committee(CMBC) and FISU headquarters arranged the FISU’s first technical visit to the Chungcheong region from 10th to 17th July 2022 for 8 days. Three to five FISU delegations will attend to review the candidature dossier and visit all ceremonies and competition and training venues, including the functional facilities such as IBC, MPC, and arrival and departure points. CMBC will also provide the athletes’ village plan and the main hotel proposal for FISU review.


FISU technical visit will be a great opportunity to show Chungcheong’s huge potential and passion for 2027 WUG. Chungcheong Megacity, a team of four cities and provinces (Daejeon, Sejong, Chungbuk, and Chungnam), has built a strong partnership and is preparing for the FISU technical visits with a passion for University Sports.

Inside CMBC

Over 100,000 Koreans are signed in!

Choi Jong Bum, Director general of the Chungcheong 2027 WUG Bidding Committee, visited the administration bodies of the four cities and provinces, sports councils, and universities in the Chungcheong megacity in February and explained FISU 2027 WUG bidding procedure encouraging their warm support for the bidding.


The promotional activities are also getting more exciting every day. During the U-12 Baseball matches and other sports events in Chungcheong megacity, the Universiade supporters are promoting the Chungcheong bidding for 2027 WUG, and there has been an overwhelming response from the citizens welcoming and rooting for the Chungcheong 2027 WUG bid. More than 100,000 residents have already given their signatures in support of the organization of Chungcheong 2027 WUG! 

The one-year signature campaign aims to collect one million signatures across the Republic of Korea

358 Galmae-ro, Sejong city, Republic of Korea