Volume 7(November 2021)


A year later than planned, the university winter sports world gathers in Lucerne on 11 December to welcome the best student-athletes on the planet after all the challenging times around the world. The curtain is finally being raised on the grand show and we are so thrilled to share all about it.
In this issues, we focus on the Lucerne Winter Universiade, the Korean delegations and CMBC’s warm wishes for a successful event. In line with the student-athletes, you can find some interesting points in the interview with a former athlete who made a successful career transition following retirement from their sport. 
Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade
Time to raise the curtain for the grand show

At long last, the Lucerne Winter Universiade is ready to raise the curtain for the grand show. Following a tumultuous year, an unprecedented Universiade will get underway in Lucerne in the age of the new normal.
The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic took away the opportunity for people around the world to enjoy mega sporting events. But now, most countries adopt the ‘With Corona’ policy and the news of international sports event's resumption is very pleasing. With the world’s highest vaccination rate (89.1% of the population aged 18 and above) and a quality quarantine system, ROK allowed 100% of spectators to enter the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Asian qualifier match held in Goyang, Korea, on 11 November.
CMBC sincerely congratulates the 30th Winter Universiade to be held in the beautiful city of Lucerne. We want to thank the Lucerne 2021 Organizing Committee, with special thanks to Managing Director Urs Hunkeler, and the FISU Secretariat for their extraordinary work. After being postponed for a year, we are sure the Swiss will make a perfect event and worth the long wait.
Switzerland will host this Winter Universiade for the first time in 59 years, having hosted the 2nd Villars Winter Universiade in 1962. Therefore, the slogan “Welcome Home” means welcoming you to Switzerland again.
The opening ceremony of the Lucerne Winter Universiade will take place on 11 December at the Universiade Park in Europaplatz, Lucerne. Unfortunately, it will be held without spectators, however, you can view it at a designated public theatre, it will be broadcasted live on Swiss Radio and Television (SRF). We will watch 1,750 athletes from 58 countries compete in ten sports and see 3,800 volunteers assist across eight venues.
The eyes of the whole world are gathering to watch the Lucerne Winter Universiade and wishing the best for all athletes for great achievement and a successful event! We are ready to enjoy the last event called the Universiade with everyone and be impressed. 
Go! Team Korea

Team Korea enters the opening ceremony of the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade
Team Korea for the Lucerne Winter Universiade is now set up. The Republic of Korea has participated in all winter Universiades since the 1968 Winter Universiade in Innsbruck. The 2021 Team Korea for the Lucerne Winter Universiade is composed of a delegation of 79 athletes in nine sports and are anticipated to achieve their best performances. The Korean delegation will hold an inaugural ceremony on 24 November.
More than 50 nations have competed in Winter Universiade’s. ROK has an extraordinary history and reputation for being a country with the second-most awarded gold medals, after Russia. At the last 29th Krasnoyarsk Winter Universiade, Korea achieved second place overall winning six gold, four silver, and four bronze medals. Short track speed skating, snowboard, and curling disciplines from Team Korea are leading in the world records.
Please support Team Korea in their great journey to meet their dream
in Lucerne Winter Universiade.

Inside Chungcheong
The sooner, the better, the dual career
Even athletes who love sports more than anyone else are worried about their life after retirement. Therefore, many countries and institutions pay attention to athletes' career development and career change after retirement. The main objective of FISU to operate the Dual Career Programme since 2020 is to support the careers of student-athletes after graduation.
South Korea is also carrying out great support projects such as career education, training and counselling, job placement and start-up arrangements for athletes for both with and without a disability at the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, and the Korean Paralympic Center.

Assistant Manager Park Myung-yeo was a track and field athlete and marathoner until three years ago. She was doing well as a runner, finishing first to third places in major national track and field competitions and marathons, but she had no choice but to quit her career due to an ankle injury.

She didn’t lose
 heart under these circumstances and began to find a new road for the future. Her first step was taking education programmes through a website supporting career development. “I became interested in sports administration while attending educational programmes. They advised that it would be advantageous to obtain a certificate to become a sports administrator. 
So I developed my career by obtaining a professional sports instructor, a sport for life instructor, and a certificate of computer proficiency.”Assistant Manager Park said. It took five years of preparation to land a job at the Chungnam Sports Council and now she is in charge of revitalizing university sports.
She emphasized, “The sooner you prepare, the better, so you should prepare for a second life from your athlete days.” She also advised, “If you get help through programmes such as Dual Career Support, you will be able to set the right direction for a career change.” Assistant Manager Park, hoping that Chungcheong’s hosting of the 2027 WUG will incorporate the philosophy and know-how of FISU’s Dual Career programme.

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